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Thursday, June 30, 2011

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III Delivered His First Year in Service Speech

Mr. Noynoy Aquino President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III
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President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III yesterday delivered his first year in service speech during the launching of "Pilipinas Natin", his medium-term development plan, in the presence of thousands of Filipino people in PhilSports Arena, Pasig City. With strong authority and confidence, Aquino declared that the country is now partially reaping the fruits of its labor by straightening the corrupt system that the previous administration left. Aquino revealed that the problems he thought to know and expects to face in office as president was only the tip of an iceberg. Aquino shared his burdens regarding the country's debts, left by the Arroyo administration.

In his speech, the president recalled from the time he was called by the public to run for office as president. "Sa panahon pong tinawag ako ng taumbayan, ni isang karatula o polyeto ay wala pa po akong naiimprenta, dahil wala po talaga akong kabalak-balak tumakbo. Hindi ko po inambisyon na sagupain ang dambuhalang problema na ipapamana ni Ginang Arroyo..." (From the time the Filipino people called my name to be their president, not a single sign or brochure was printed by myself. I had no intention to inherit the huge problems that Mrs. Arroyo will leave...), he said. But despite of that Aquino said that he cannot bear to witness the cry of the Filipino people, begging him to step up and straighten the corrupt administration as the next president, "...hindi ko po ito nasikmurang tanggihan.". 

The president enumerated a number of programs he made that was successful in his first year of service.
1. Housing plans for 21,800 families of Filipino soldiers.
2. Two million beneficiaries of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program.
3. Two thousand kilometers of farm-to-market roads for 240,000 Filipino farmers.

During his speech, Aquino also mentioned that in the former administration, 1.3 million metric tons of rice were imported in the country to provide the needs of the people. Now in his first year term as president, it was lowered to only 660,000 metric tons. The president proclaimed that by using the government's budget and funds in a strategic manner, there will be savings which can be used in other productive projects.This resulted to no increase in tax, wages for more than 10,000 nurses in different provinces, public roads, highways and bridges development, and many other fruitful projects in the future. Aquino also reported that the government was able to save a lot by cutting off excessive salaries and benefits for unnecessary positions in the Philippine National Construction Corporation.

Finishing his speech, Aquino said that he will continue to battle corruption in the government until his last term as president is finished. He urged the public that everyone should also do their part in making this country prosperous. In the end, Aquino assured the Filipino people that this country will definitely become progressive again and that his first year's accomplishments are just the start. The president humbly said that he will never change and that he's only the people's servant, and nothing more. "Hindi kailanman magbabago it: Kayo pa rin and boss ko."

To read president Aquino's speech, just follow this link:

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  1. Well, I just hope that PNOY should stop lambasting GMA and just do his work. He should not always reiterate kung ano man ang namana nyang problema from the previous administration. Hindi tanga ang mga Filipinos of what GMA has done to the country.

  2. yeah its true..Pro GMA ka nga!!!!

  3. Hi there. I am not pro GMA. I did not even vote for GMA when she ran for presidency. But I just want PNOY to focus on his work. If kelangan papanagutin si GMA on her wrongdoings, let it be. Wala akong kinikilingan. I just wanted the Philippines to be on its feet again.




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